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Think McCarthyism on steroids

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It’s time to nickname Donald J. Trump. The notorious disparaging nicknamer.
Former President Donald Trump is the 21 Century embodiment of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy — a Wisconsin Republican in the early 1950s — from which the term McCarthyism was developed because he made numerous false accusations, and gained a base of many followers. Thus, “Mc” was prefixed and “thyism” suffixed to Trump’s name to create the word McTrumpthyism, which is ruining the soul of America.

Trump, who boast constantly that he does everything bigger and better than his predecessors and everyone else, is definitely a greater threat to democracy then “lying” Joseph R. McCarthy ever was.

The McTrumpthyism maxim rallies voters under one, all-encompassing, banner to defeat the “Big Lie” throughout America in 2022, 2024, and beyond.