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In 1986, Arthur Lee Campbell, a 31 year old Blackman, was wrongfully convicted of murder and attempt murder of two white men at a house he owned in Detroit, Michigan. Arthur also owned a surplus store and a sign painting business in Highland park, Michigan. He hired the alleged surviving victim-eyewitness as a laborer at his store in Highland park, Michigan, and to help refurbish the house in Detroit for a Group Home. Arthur admits driving down the street 40 minutes before the shooting, but he was miles away at his fiancee’s house when the shooting occurred.

False and Prejured Testimony

Arthur’s convictions rest on the false testimony of two alleged eyewitnesses.

First, the prosecutor suppressed the alleged victim-eyewitness’ exculpatory description of the perpetrator as a “WHITE MALE.” This alleged victim-eyewitness was involved in another murder in 1988. He blamed that murder — of another white man — on a juvenile when he became the suspect two months later.

Second, the other so-called eyewitness was at work at McDonald’s in Highland Park, Michigan when the shooting occurred, but he testified that he witnessed the shooting in Detroit.

False Firearms Evidence

The homicide detective in charge of the case falsified firearms evidence. He switched a fired shotgun shell he manufactured with one of the fired shells found at the crime scene in Detroit, then planted the shotgun shell he took from the crime scene in Arthur’s store in Highland Park. After that, the detective prompted a rogue firearms examiner to author a false lab report to say all of the shells were fired from the same shotgun used in the shooting. With the shotgun shell he planted in Arthur’s store in Highland Park, matching the shotgun shells found at the crime scene in Detroit, the detective implicated Arthur as the shooter with circumstantial evidence.

False Firearms Unit Test Results

In 2008, the Detroit Police Department (DPD) Firearms Unit was suspended from analyzing firearms evidence after a Michigan State Police (MSP) audit discovered an extraordinary 10% error rate. The error rate stemmed from negligence, and upright bad faith of firearms examiners. The entire firearms unit was fired.

In 2010, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office (WCPO) ordered the DPD and the MSP to retest the firearms evidence in Arthur’s case. As a result, the WCPO discovered the existence of a “Property Book” the DPD had suppressed for over 25 years. Although the property book contains the location of the firearms evidence so it can be retrieved, the WCPO refuse to produce the property book because retesting would confirm false firearms evidence was used to obtain Arthur’s convictions.

Justice Denied

In 2012, Arthur was granted an evidentiary hearing because the property book was still missing. Additionally, the trial court judge ruled Arthur had shown cause and prejudice why the false evidence claims were not previously raised on appeal. Arthur was entitled to a new trial, but the judge reversed himself when the prosecutor argued, implicitly, that granting him a new trial would open a floodgate. The judge sent Arthur back to prison with a LIFE and 50 to 75 years sentences.

New Evidence

In 2021, Arthur obtained three reports from David G. Townshend, an eminent forensic expert. Townshend’s reports unequivocally debunks the validity of the firearms and identification evidence, and criticizes the defense attorney’s failure to flush-out the falsity of the firearms evidence.

On November 30, 2021, Arthur submitted an application to the WCPO Conviction Integrity Unit for his release from prison. It can hardly be thought that Townshend’s reports constitute anything other than a showing that an innocent man was wrongfully convicted in 1986.